Lucho Llanca

Spiritual Coach, Christ center, Passionate Encourager / Houston, Texas

Perfectly Imperfect. Happily married with three kids and a chihuahua. I am aware that everything I’ve had and everything I am is a product of the love that God has for me. I studied engineering but I have been dedicated to ministry for the past 24 years. (Missionary, Pastor, Mentor) I am currently the Regional Director for Young Life in the Greater Houston Region. My passion is encouraging people and helping them find their purpose through their journey with Christ.

“I am not perfect at all but every day, in everything I do, I desperately try to put Christ in my wounds. My hope is that those who surround me can see this and see Christ through so that they follow him and not me.”Lucho Ll.

“I have observed Lucho and his ministry close up for many years. He is one of the most diligent, faithful and godly men I know. He has always been a man who is enjoyable to work with.” Ron Corzine Christian Fellowship International Ft. Worth, Texas

Ron Corzine. ChristianFellowship International

“Lucho is a passionate encourager and lover of Christ. He and I share a common bond and desire to foster a deep love relationship with Christ personally – and to invite others into knowing and experiencing Him in meaningful ways. It was out of that shared desire that Lucho first encouraged me to offer a space for spiritual practices in community. Lucho’s gift of inspiration and heartfelt prayers of support undergirded the launch of Be Still: Spiritual Practices in Community.”

Gail Edmonson. Unexpected Grace

“I’ve know Lucho and his family since 2006. What a gift they are! I’ve always admired Lucho’s love for God and his capacity to see God’s love through art, joy, friendship, and simple things of life. He has been an encouragement for me, always pointing me to trust more in Christ.”

Marcos Leon/ Faithwalking



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