Spirit, Not Institutions

So many people run off to home groups so they can hide, not be accountable, or have to face the heavy hand of their institutional masters. Believe me, there are as many masters looking for slaves out of the main stream as there are in it. Just because you wandered off into a smaller stream doesn’t mean you’ve left all the wolves behind. And I’m not implying that those who join a home group are all running. They are not. But, let’s be honest here.


There are teachers everywhere who covet power, who lust for fame, and who will get all they can get on the backs of people regardless of where they are located or in what organizational body they belong.

Maybe if you go back and read Luke 11:37-52 or maybe Matthew 23:13-32 you’ll get all the reminders that you need. Regardless of small group or large denomination there are those who distort the teaching of Jesus and blind people with their “personal dogma“.

Unfortunately, organized religion, regardless of size aren’t immune from wolves.

Ultimately, everyone has to find the answers within themselves. The best leaders are those who continually point us to the Spirit not with words, but with the demonstration of His LIFE in theirs. Find that person and you’ve found the field that you need to BUY!

Whatcha looking to invest in?

Anything look interesting? :-)

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