Centering in god, we need to persuade to be centered in Christ and these are the 5 components that work for me


-Solitude: Time when I listen to GOD without distraction, rangin from praying alone in my room to walking a mountaing trail in silence.

-Study: time for reflection on God’s word, stuck in my Bible 🙂

-Worship:  Time when I focus intentionally on the center, The presence of Christ. with humble gratitude, both in times of personal devotion and corporate communion.

-Community: Time to celebrate shared relationships and to balance my uncentered life with people who care, from family and friends to Mentors and small groups.

-Service: Time to experience and share the love of GOD, to make a contribution, to exercise the gif entrusted to me. To make a difference.

I hope this will be a great help and I encourage you to put this into practice because we are called to survive focused on Christ.

LoveU all!!!

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