Walking in the Spirit: But the mind set on the Spirit is life and Peace.

the ultimate intention, as a result of having set my mind on spiritual things,  is found in Romans 12:2 ” Do not be confirmed to this world,  but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  ” in order that my mind may be renewed,  I must set my mind on spiritual things.
Setting my mind on spiritual things is not as easy as it may sound.
We have 2 Pat, then maybe we choose to follow every day:
1) follow the enemy suggestions and desires for my life,  resulting in anger, disappointment,  hostility,  inferiority,  depression,  defeat, a critical tongue.
2) Follow Christ’s, one of the most beneficial truths a Christian can grasp is the fact that ” walking in the Spirit” or being under Christ’s control is not an emotional or ‘feeling’ concept  is something we choose to do and then set our mind on.
We need to be alert every minute and a walk out every minute to walk we Jesus mind.

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