And-Also, Not Either Or

The problem is not the structure, nor the form. The problem is what’s in the heart of the people! Ralph Neighbor wrote in his book (Where Do We Go From here), “I am convinced that the church worldwide is being slowly replaced by an act of God. Developments taking place today are as powerful as the upheavel in 1517 with Martin Luther.” I seriously doubt that!

The demise of the church has been predicted by thousands of people; however, at the core of all these arguments is the question of what IS…church?

Church is not a building– nor is it a home!

Church BE-AM People! :-)

Bad people in institutional churches are the same as bad people in home churches. Changing a location, size of meeting room, or the size of the group doesn’t change the spirit of the leaders of those entities.

Let’s support mega churches. Let’s root on the medium and small sized churches. Let’s pray for all the cell or home churches. We need to be edifying ALL. If someone is called to start a home church (and many are), fabulous. Do it with ALL your zeal, but there’s no need to bad-mouth those who are in institutional churches.

In like fashion, not everyone who starts a home church is an ego maniac who couldn’t submit to authority in a larger entity. Life is hell when we make it a Binary OS, either or situation. That Operating System isn’t God’s. His is a Unitive Heart OS.

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