How Much Can You see?

Several times in the New Testament we’re told of how our minds have been blinded and how there are scales on our eyes, “seeing we see not”. How does that work anyway? In part it works because everyone is fighting everyone. Pertinent to this site is the battle between home churches and institutional churches. Neither has a lock on truth: both have enough baggage that the last thing either should do is trash the other.

 I want to help those who are looking to establish a home church, with some accountability (don’t read “ruling over“),  and overall assistance and means of appeal to their members.

At the same time, I am committed to an institutional church- CLC

Let’s build one another up. In fact. let’s encourage ALL.

A nation, culture, or a people that are built on an “eye for an eye” will soon find everyone blind!

He who has the mind of Christ offers a heart filled with love. May God increase our vision and eyesight so that we can see the God that dwells within even the lowest and msot base of humans.

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