Maintaining The “Christ Mission”

I’ve seen so many people become disallusioned with institutional churches. I understand that. I started one and I am in the midst of modifying that, believing there is a compromise that will do away with the totalitarianism of the institutional church and still maintain the mission that Jesus, the Christ had. I see way too many people throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water and winding up with neither baby or bathwater!

There must be a sense of and a reality of COMMUNITY!

It’s the big picture that must be upheld and not some aspect of the Great Commission that an individual feels led to use as a nail that they can hammer all day long. So many home churches lose the vision, the Kingdom vision, and wind up on some detour battling “against things” instead of promoting the Kingdom.

1-Against those who are homophobics.
2-Against those who are misogynists.
3-Against those that are post tribulationists.
4-Against those that believe in an eternal hell.
5-Against those that are exclusionists……………………ad nauseum!

Because home groups are usually very small there is a “lack of diversity” that’s truly needed to keep the group focused on the big picture. As Stephen Covey has said, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”. Having said all this, I am not against the isntitutional church, home groups, or any “grouping”. I am FOR all of us advancing the Kingdom.

Within each “grouping of individuals” there will always be specializations, select callings; however, when the tail starts wagging the dog, is there really a dog? Just something to ponder as you look at where you’re joined and participating.

You are somewhere contributing bondy, soul, spirit, and money, aren’t you? :-)

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