Upside Down

What does one do when their world is turned upside down?

You’ve heard the standard behaviors to some traumatic event in life. First comes denial, followed by anger. Eventually strategies are developed to see what the alternatives might be. Finally, there’s the admission of the reality of the situation. I’ve opted to go directly to the last approach. And what does that mean- for me?

I have no positions to defend. Whatever the Holy Spirit shows me is what I’ll embrace. I have no books to defend. I have no tapes of past teachings that I’ll go to war to advance. I have little reputation to lose, if any. My possessions aren’t really mine. In other words, I am a dangerous man: to the culture of the world. And, to the religious, I am going to be even more misunderstood.

In this year of spiritual understanding, I have come to understand that I don’t- I didn’t, but I am moving to something that resonates and feels right. What’s scary is that when you take off those religious-colored glasses, everything seems bright and full of a plethora of different colors; instead of everything being tinted rose, yellow, blue, or some other color. Lift the layer of religious “doctoring” and you discover incredible gold underneath. Take away the over-moralization and ethical encoding of the American church (which itself is not), and you have His truth!

Today was a very good day. He showed up. He brought illumination. We met, we were in oneness, and I listened.I’ll share some of today- from the non-pulpit, pulpit. 🙂

By Ernie F.

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