#Jesus Hype Or Truth?

Can you trust the Bible? Can you trust the RED at least? Can you trust Jesus? If you call yourself a Christian and are a part of that community I would hope that you could answer YES to all three. But isn’t it strange that so many people who say YES to all three, have a “belief system” that says the contrary? Strange indeed.

Surely you know where I am headed if you’ve visited this site before. 🙂

What was the purpose of the cross anyway? It’s about far more than jewelry to wear around your neck, or a symbol to place at the top of a church steeple. Far more. The Cross speaks of the FINISHED work of God and Jesus.

Quit fretting about HELL!

Start enjoying the Kingdom life here and now. Jesus didn’t come to OFFER us salvation! SAY WHAT? I said Jesus didn’t come to offer us salvation. It’s great that one embraces the salvistic message while here on earth because that means you get to fellowship with the Creator of the universe while living in these physical bodies that express what our souls are like.

But, read John 12:47 again sometime. I’m not highlighting it so you can easily go there brecause I want you to go there. It does NOT SAY that Jesus came to offer salvation. It simply says that He came to SAVE THE WORLD!

Not part of it, not some of it- but the whole damn thing! 🙂

And that’s no hype– it’s the FINISHED WORD OF GOD!

By Ernie. F

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