The Presence Of #God


I carry the presence of God: we ALL do!

However, to intellectually know that is not the same as to experience and live with such an awesome fact. Marianne Williamson (through Nelson Mandela) spoke of the difficult and scary realization that we are far more powerful than we know. To admit that we carry the “Light of the Divine” is to almost totally transform a person, especially if they truly believe such.

I AM the Light of the world. So, what’s up with how I’m living life (small)?

We are the LUMINOUS and the NUMINOUS! Numen, or numinous, means being filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence. It’s too bad that we’re too busy to engage such a condition. Numen isn’t “God in person”, but the awareness of we homo sapien sapiens that we carry such a nature: one that is constantly awaiting our communion and union. The Hebrews had a word for this “Ground of Being”, and that was SHEKINAH!

When Christianity became partners with Rome, set the church congregation on pews in front of priests with high-backed chairs, chose LAW over SPIRIT, external rituals over internal truths, and literalized the allegorical, NUMINOUS went out of fashion.

Philosophy lost its metaphysical fire and as Sir Gilbert Murray wrote, “Christianity lost its nerve for the spiritual side of life”.

We are on the road back home though. The presence has never left us- never, ever will! One can only drink milk for so long. We’re way past that point. The meat of the Spirit is the only thing that will save is. And, maybe that’s some of what the last half of 2010 is all about. Mankind has been running the show, religion has been greasing the sinful nature with platitudes, and government has printed all the money it can.

We’re still wound and wounded people, wound people!

People working with, and being the BEING that they internally are, CHANGE THE WORLD (and I am not talking Obama, Democrat, nor Republican change).

By E.F

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