The Roundabout #Way

God knows what he is doing,  He is concerned about Strengthening our faith. 
Exodus 13:17-18

  • Moses and Aaron embark on an incredible journey. 
  • God in his kindness leads us in such a way that at this stage we don’t face challenges that are more than we can handle. 
  • God  knew that they weren’t ready to take on the challenges that a more direct route would have brought. 
  • If the people face war,  they may change their minds and return to Egypt. 
  • They might have preferred a more direct route to their dream. God prevented them from encountering more than they were ready to handle. 

The main purpose of this season is protect them (Us) from challenges they were not ready to face and to teache them through Experience day after day that the presence of GOD would never leave them (Us). 

God is not in any particular hurry to get us to the promise land, He is much more concerned about the transforming work. 

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