Rational Spirituality


Say what? Okay, let’s ask a couple of questions. Can one be “in the Spirit” and still use reasoning? I mean, why were we created with a brain? Do science and spirit have to be at odds with each other? Isn’t the goal of both spirit and science to discover TRUTH? Can any one segment of society have a copyright on truth?

In many ways, the language and metaphors used 2,000 years ago have application for today, but with different words, different language.

We see the world much differently today than they did, 2-4,000 years ago. That’s not a put-down of the early church fathers. Where would we be without their plowing through all the limited scientific information and getting things as right as they did? The real indictment is that we have access to so much scientific information and yet we’re not using our brains to SEE what it is we have for fear of cutting off past beliefs.

Seriously though, a few past beliefs need to be jettisoned. We’re losing generations with irrational thinking that’s shelf life is long past due.

George G. Ritchie, Jr. writes, “If we do not stop teaching the infallibility and inerrancy of the scriptures and popes and bishops, we’re going to continue to lose to the secular world those intelligent men and women who are truly seeking.” The Bible is a sacred document and it is very INSPIRING and INSPIRED. We don’t need to add all the other unsupportable dogmas that simply are no longer valid.

As they say, DENIAL isn’t just a river in Egypt! And it’s okay if other people have different ideas than we do- because they DO! Love the requirement, not doctrinal purity (whatever that might be).

Rational spirituality: balance baby, BALANCE!

By E.F

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