#Love Never Ends

I love the LOOK that you see on someone’s face when they come to the realization that God is LOVE and that God loves them. It’s especially beautiful when someone get it for the first time. Knowing that you are the APPLE of the EYE of the Creator of the universe just is pretty hard to not get excited about.

The scary and dangerous possibility though is that someone joins a CHURCH when justice trumps love. 😦

The thought that God’s love is unconditional, that he will never leave us nor forsake us, and the statement in Romans 8 where there is absolutely NOTHING that can separate us from the love of God are powerful affirmation and acceptance paradigms.

But then we come to learn that IF we don’t do some specific things which the church is quick to tell us about, then we may spend eternity in hell. How did we go from being the apple of his eye to the rejection of God with him not being able to even look upon us like we’re told God did in turning his back on Jesus?

This may be to simple of a metaphor but it works for me!

When I am watching TV, I am able to receive it because there are transmission waves in the air coming to my TV. But when I turn off the TV and I am no longer receiving the broadcast, has the wave ended? Is the transmission still there? Would the transmission come through if I turned the TV back on?

You know the answer.

Thus in like fashion, if I turn my back on God, if I sin, if I go astray, etc., is God’s love still there? You darn betchum! God’s love, like the TV transmission, never ends. Sound and light waves (we’re talking energy here) can never be destroyed, just altered. Ice to water, to steam. We from physical, to spirit. And for some back to physical again.

But, while prophecies will fade away- LOVE NEVER ENDS!

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