TYFwszGAWe need to be aware of what kep us from leading a life of freedom and joy, we need to find the freedom to make good decision.

We need to find what Ignatius call ” Disordered Affections “, is whatever keeps us from being free. Can you think about what these things would be?

We are atach to many thing, the first commandment say: you shall have no other gods before me (Exodus 20:3 ). For some people their ” god” is career. Or money. Or status.

You need to earn a living, you have to be careful not to let your career ( Money or status) become a “Disordered Affection ” that prevents you from being free to meet new people, spending time with those you love, andviewing people as ends than means.

Its and ” Affection” since its something that appleals to you. Its ” Disordered” because its not ordered toward something LIFE – GIVING.

GOD invite you to move toward ” Detachament”. Once you did so, you woul become free and happier.

Let’s make a list of these “Disordered Affection “, this would be a great start!

My prayer is that you can see God at all times, his love. Amen.

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