Divin  #DNA 

Imagine, brothers and sisters, how different Western history and religion could have been if we had walked so tenderly and lovingly upon the earth, as Francis and Jesus did. Imagine what the world would be like if we treated others with inherent and equal dignity and respect, seeing the divine DNA in ourselves and everyone else too—regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, appearance, or social class. Nothing less offers the world any lasting future.Unfortunately, many people can’t see their own belovedness. If you can’t honor the Divine Indwelling—the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit— within yourself, how could you see it in anybody else? You can’t. All awareness, enlightenment, aliveness, and transformation begins with recognizing that your DNA is divine and unearned as is everyone else’s. This is also a kind of building from the bottom up. Such foundational value moves you from a commodity culture, where everything is bought and sold, to a world of reverence, mutual respect, and love. You realize that life, creation, people, animals, and the earth itself are all imbued with intrinsic worth and are to be respected for their own sake.

Every creature carries the DNA, or Imago Dei, of the Creator, and it shall not be taken from them.

By: Richard Rohr 


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