The #Jesus model

Here’s a thought that I think came from my spirit man. We all know that God is love: those that fully comprehend the New Testament of course. Oh yes, and those who do not think the OT is literal and that God got His kicks by killing men, women, children, babies, and all cattle. Wow! When you see, hear, and understand what Jesus is saying, it’s no wonder the early Christians were divided on if there were two gods or one. Glad I’m 2,000 years away from that paradigm. I’m having a hard enough time dealing with my 62 year hallway (can you say liminal space?).

Back to Jesus as the model! Here’s what I heard as best as I can remember it. The point is more important than if I left out a preposition or adjective here or there. God created everyone. We’re to love everyone, every created thing. The more people we love, the more things we love, the more we are becoming LIKE God. Remember, God is love! And who is Jesus? The Son! Our model.
Anger, dislike, hate, and retaliation are not God concepts. I am now seeing people a lot differently. I am trying the best I can, by the Spirit, to not have any aught against anyone. Did I mention this is not easy?
Not at all easy! At times it’s almost hell! 
Part of the spiritual liminal space we are in is when we encounter a person, a situation, or an event that is not God! Someone yells at us because we did something stupid. Or maybe we even had a forgetful moment when we went brain dead, and we did something evil. Okay, now how do we repond to the judgments sent against us, the karma that effects us, the retribution form man than hammers us? That’s exactly when you know you’ve encountered “liminal space” up close and personal.
By: EF

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