Dig Deep

What is a big obstacle you have overcome?

We all hit a wall for different reason. You need to have this in mind:

  • Big idea – when we hit a wall we dig deep!
  • Walls come in all shapes and sizes. They may be external, internal or even spiritual.
  • The enemy uses wall to discourage you from pursuing GOD.
  • GOD uses walls to complete us . James 1:2-4

So this is what you have to do:

People need to know that when you hit a wall; you aren’t going to let it stop you from pursuing GOD.

Four things you have to do to stay focused on GOD:

  1. Dismiss distractions.
  2. Expect opposition.
  3. Embrace GOD’s strength.
  4. Pursue GOD’s purpose.

This is a study based on the book of Nehemiah 4 and in my next post I will explains the 4 points in details.

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