We all have many different #compartments in our #lives.

Yes, we all have many different compartments in our lives. They should be in some sort of order, but they often work independently of each other.

Sometimes they are in conflict with each other.

At one moment we might say, ” I love you, Jesus,” only to feel anger and resentment toward someone a few minutes later.

Or. We may say “I don’t have any extra money to give to the poor, ” But then a moment later buy more clothes to add our already full closet. Or we might tell one friend we are too busy, but then go out with another friend because we really want to be with them.

Spiritual maturity takes a lifetime.

It’s a process as we learn to submit every compartment in our lives- financial, relationships, time, work, generosity, and so on- to the Lord.

It’s a process that happens as we pursue the Lord and receive his wisdom and grace.

When we pursue GOD, he release his grace and love to us!

So here are some ways to pursue the Lord:

  • In prayer.
  • In Scripture.
  • Community ( church).

GOD will reward your efforts by drawing closer to you.

In Christ we say – Amen!

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