First Impressions

Everyone is a good sales person on day one of the job and a broken clock is right twice a day. And, the point is? First impressions can make or break a person and yet first impressions may be the cover and cover up of what is within. A “moral of the story” as they say, is to not let the objective mind take itself too seriously.

But, then there’s this discovery.

Paul tells us in I Cor. 15 that it’s “first the natural, and then the spiritual”. I know a lot of ways that premise works, and a many ways it should be avoided. I’ve discovered that my quick first impressions have served me far better than have all of my “second thoughts” which usually turn into third and fourth thoughts. There are some times when “safety is not in a multitude of counselors” (especially when YOU are ALL of those counselors).

Did you receive that message?

In my life, I have discovered that when I let the “subjective” impressions tell me what it is I need to know, I fare much better. When I rationalize, sum things up, and more or less allow my OBJECTIVE mind make all the decisions, I don’t fare as well. Don’t hear that I’m saying ignore your brain and act irrationally; however, understand that the spirit within us doesn’t rely upon intelligence, but the creative force to which it is.

The OBJECTIVE mind always wants to argue. Why? It’s what the EGO does. The ego is competitive, SELF driven, and the antithesis of your spirit man. When in trouble, who you gonna call?

Hint: you don’t have to call anyone, just answer the dang phone! 🙂

By: E.F

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