Katy Cares In #Houston

Katy Cares In Houston


We equip our residents to excel in personal growth, educational accomplishment, professional partnerships and community engagement.


Katy Cares provides specialized therapeutic-housing services to mothers and their children affected by homelessness in Katy.

Our Approach

• Katy Cares uses a developmental approach with a trauma recognized framework. Families will leave the program empowered by behavioral and educational improvement.

• Our residents will initiate and manage their own change. Each individual within the program will have personalized goals matched for their success.

• Katy Cares believes in positive feedback and celebrating the accomplishments of our mothers and children. Milestone celebrations will serve as our visible commitment to their enduring change.

• Every staff member will be a part of our commitment towards change and accomplishment and will ensure a safe place for our families to work through this rigorous program.

• Our program will be evidence based and focused on measurable equations of the emotional, spiritual and educational development of women and children affected by homelessness.

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