Purpose and Placement

“Everyone dies, but not everyone really lives!”

Simply – one cannot be right on the long run, nor can one be satisfied as a human unless this WHERE GOD PLACES IT (IN HIS PURPOSE)!

Unfortunately, sociologists tell us that 65% of America’s workforce is unhappy with their jobs and wants to do “something else.” When trying to fit a square block into a round cylinder, something is not going to feel or appear right. If there is a God who created this universe (and if there is!), He made each person for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE!

Finding that purpose, your DNA code, the resonance or the tuning fork within your being, or the “raison d’etre” (“reason for being”), is one of the tasks and one of the most important accomplishments of life. life. Many find it in their 60s, some in their 40s, and some never find it. What could be accomplished if one finds his purpose in life in his 20s? We each have a different personality, like a natural model that remains with us for life.

The exact job enhances your life!

You see – it’s not just hard, but it’s artificial to try and get promoted in an area that you shouldn’t be in from the beginning! Once you have established a particular lifestyle, it is difficult to imagine a different way of living your life.

Purpose can ignite your spirit – providing personal meaning and deep satisfaction for your life. Purpose is the answer to WHY: Why are you here on this planet? You need to examine the special gifts and talents that you bring to life’s table. Simply start with the question “What makes you happy?” It cannot just be anything more a hedonistic or utilitarian happiness because we have not been given life for ourselves, but to assist and help others as well.

A prominent psychologist (William Marsten) recently found in a test of 3,000 people that completely 94% of them had no purpose for their lives!

The philosopher, Thoreau, has described the majority of humanity living in a state of “quiet despair.” Basically, people spend time wondering, they are in a state of wonder, waiting, worrying about their lives and wanting a bolt of lightning to come out of the sky to reveal the purpose for their lives! Except for seeking God and searching the Scriptures, I naturally recommend that you read and apply the book, “Do What You Are” by authors Paul and Barbara Tieger.

As Michael Landon has said, “Someone must tell us, from the beginning of our lives, that we are dying. Then we may live life to the fullest every minute of every day.”

As we explore the “52 Key Principles for Success in Business”, we can thus start with week and principle # 1 – getting into the “right lane of our life” because if we are in any other lane, the other 51 principles will not help us in any lasting way!

Start with …………… ”Purpose and Placement”

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