# 02: Energized by Passion

The years wrinkle the skin, but abandoning the passion wrinkles the soul.” George Burns was beyond funny when he said, “I’d rather fail at doing something I love and not succeed at something I hate.” This feeling would be funny, if it weren’t such a painful truth. Still, it is quite difficult to survive without being bored, or dissatisfied with his profession. It has been said that approximately two-thirds of American workers want to do something different than what they are doing now. That is, they are violating Key # 1 of “purpose and placement” and that will eventually deny us the energy we need to impact the world – PASSION! What great thing can be achieved without passion? Yes, mediocre things can be achieved without passion. Is this what you want? Marshall Foch put it this way, “The most powerful weapon in the world is a human soul ON”. Stephen Cannell, who has created or co-created more shows in the television industry than anyone else (for example – Rockford Files, Baretta, the A Team, Hunter, Riptide, Wiseguy and The Commish – to name a few of the shows ) puts it this way, “Doing something that I really love has served my career more than anything else except my wife and family.” His numerous Emmy Awards and surpassing the $ 1,000,000,000 + production mark attest to the PASSION of him! Bottom line is that if you DO NOT LOVE what you are doing (passion), it will be difficult To “start” your day, it will be very difficult to work overtime and hours, and it will be unlikely that you will have the dedication necessary to differentiate – and be a winner! Accountants cannot measure or value PASSION, but it is one of their greatest ASSETS! As Clarence Day has said, “One cannot influence others when one does not have one’s own influence.” In other words, one cannot give what one does not have. Or, as Mary Kay (Ash) says, “A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires anyone.” You can take vitamins and you should. You can eat all kinds of nutritious food, and you should. You can and should exercise. But only PASSION will generate the kind of energy that can HEAL and bring your body and soul to a place of peace that allows us the total integrity that we all need to survive and succeed in today’s world. So, simply search and find the place that God has created to serve (purpose and placement) and then fill up your tank (PASSION) and go on your way! That is, seek to do what you love – which is in your heart – and do it with all your effort! What can stop you except your own being? Don’t let FEAR steal your DESTINY! “Many of us are afraid of following our passions, of pursuing what we most desire because it means taking risks and even facing our failures. But, following your PASSION with all your heart and soul IS SUCCESS in itself. The biggest FAILURE is never really tried. ” Robyn allan

By. EF

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