Belief And Conviction

“Believe in yourself, and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.” This is not a “name it and claim it” statement. We cannot do as Napoleon Hill tells us, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.” While in the natural this is done, it leaves out any thoughts of what and why the Creator made us. There can be no success that does not begin with an internal DISCIPLINE! The energy for that discipline is called BELIEF and CONVICTION! If there is no deep FAITH in what we are doing, we give up when the trials of life come. When Diana Ross was told, “You have a nice voice, but it’s nothing special,” she would have stopped were it not for the fact that she BELIEVED her voice was a gift from God and that CONVICTION overcame every obstacle until that the quote mentioned above came to fruition. It was one of Henry Ford’s strengths to be able to discern and employ people who knew no limits and who followed his convictions more than the opinions of co-workers. As Henry Ford has put it, “I am looking for many men who have an infinite capacity OF NOT KNOWING what CANNOT be done.” Mary Kay Ash rejected the advice of her “experts” (lawyer and accountant) to liquidate her business and “get cash” before she hit the ground running. The reason? She had a burning desire; a FAITH and a CONVICTION in what she did. Coincidentally, the same advice was basically given to Estee Lauder. Both Lauder and Ash got to see their own FE produce a lot of fruit. One of the most successful figures of our day could potentially be the first lady capable of taking on the role of president of the United States: Elizabeth Dole. She has relied heavily on her FAITH and has said, “My faith is very important in my life.” How much does YOUR FAITH mean? How much do you trust your faith? How have you shown it? Faith can only be faith when it IS PROVEN! Are you embracing trials and tribulations, or are you running away from them? Are you aware that you get PAID based on your ability to SOLVE PROBLEMS? And, the more problems you solve, the higher the salary; the higher the salary, the more Faith to move forward. Basically, the Bible gives us two clear confirmations of Principle #3. Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” and Mark 9:23 says that “all things are possible to him who believes.” We won’t take these sayings out of context, but we won’t take them outside of our place of employment either. So, once you know your purpose and place, and fuel that with passion, all you need to do is maintain focus until you reach your goal. These three form the foundation for the remaining 49 principles.

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