Be fully present

I lead a seminar on mindfulness and how we can be fully present in the now, not worrying about the past or what will come.
One way we can be present, even in some of the hardest and darkest times we face, is through prayer. Prayer connects us to God and each other when pain and hurt try to alienate us. Remember that faith, hope and love endure. Here’s an excerpt from a litany about surviving and healing, taken from Rally by Britney Winn Lee. Please pray with me:
One: We gather in stubborn love, seeking to hold space for those whose hurts are deep and often unseen.
All: God of hope, comfort your people.
One: Protect those whose bodies, spirits, and trust have been broken time and time again.
All: God of healing, comfort your people.
One: Grief upon grief. Tears upon tears. Pain upon pain.
All: God of healing, comfort your people. May those who are scarred by struggle be transformed by hope. Amen.
-Anita Vantreese

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