Open to Change

Psychologists will tell you that change will always bring REGRESSION. There is a natural fear in man of the unknown. We want MAPS instead of COMPASSES. But what if there are no maps? What if we are being called to be the pioneers digging into uncharted territory? Basically, what I’m about to say sounds easy until we’re told, NOW, you need to CHANGE! There has never been a time in history when the “need to change” has been so imperative to our success and prosperity.

The world is now DOUBLING the amount of information every 4 years. In other words, what I know today is a HALF PORTION of what will be available to know in 2023. They tell us that we should not HATE! However, if we are to succeed, we must learn to hate the normal state (status quo). We must come to the understanding that NOT TO CHANGE is to sign our death authorization. How we love to get an office, arrange it according to our preference, and then settle into it with a protective mindset, just like a bear taking care of her cubs. If any person messes up “our office”, they are worthy of death! Well, God is willing to mess up our office. Society is willing to mess up our paradigms. Our children are willing to mess up our comfort zones. And, WE must be altering, or messing up our mediocrity which is what the NOW represents in this microwave society and rapid internet mobility.

As the environment and landscape change, we must put on our “adaptability mode” and get on with the program. We’re not talking about commitment here. We are not talking about change for the sake of just making the change. We’re talking about change because that’s usually how PROMOTIONS come. Every month in North America 1,000 new products are introduced in our super-markets. If you are in the food trade, you will either change or die! Money, influence, and prayer alone will not save you! In the 1900s the Fortune 100 corporations in North America were loaded with money, power, and influence. Now, nearly 100 years later, only 16 of those companies exist! Let’s move on to 1956 where the Fortune 500 Club was said to be an “unchangeable group”. Now, 230 of those (46%) no longer exist, or at least are not profitable. What happened? In some cases it was greed, in other cases it was mismanagement, but in almost all cases an important factor was the inability or lack of desire to confront the forces of change, and to change with them. Ponds stagnate while rivers refresh. That is, we must always be in the Mobile State. There is a good reason why the Holy Spirit is named after a river and not a pond. There is a good reason why we must constantly infuse our corporations and businesses with young blood. Today’s men and women don’t THINK like today’s teenagers. There is a good reason why almost all of their senior computer and programming specialists are under 30 years of age. What are the forces that hold you back when promoting a new idea? Does each ripple in our life have to be erased by the next ripple, or can we build line upon line and precept upon precept, staying “in step” with the times, BEING PROMOTED every step of the way? “If you’ve always done it that way, it’s probably wrong.” Charles Kettering

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