The MAIN THING is to keep the MAIN THING.

“The MAIN THING is to keep the MAIN THING, as the MAIN THING”. Stephen Covey

If the phone rings, we are obligated to answer it. If a person has any questions, he drops everything and answers. We keep a rule of having our “door open” under all circumstances. We must be available to each person! We must like everyone! It is necessary to serve! It all sounds GOOD, but is it IMPORTANT? After 4 exhausting days of battle and no time to sleep or rest, Napoleon retired to his tent to rest for a few hours. His captain asked him if he wished to be awakened if they were victorious. Napoleon’s response was, “No, victory can wait until later, but if there is a critical problem, wake me up immediately.”

It seems that Americans want to know everything about every event in life. It’s not possible! Life is too complex now to know EVERYTHING. Therefore, we need to focus on recognizing what is really IMPORTANT, and what that means is that we need to be CLEAR of the expectations of our managers or owners. What are the VALUES of this corporation? What makes the ball dribble, what makes the kite fly, and how do you get the raise? What is the MISSION STATEMENT? Are you confident and KNOW what will get you a RAISE? Have you asked? Where there is no gardener, there is no garden! Many times we cannot say “NO” so often because we are one of those who want to “be right with every man”. All jobs call us to respect and be loyal to our employers. But, that’s how important it is to get the “job done”, through not jumping through the hoops of each person who asks us. It is easier to say “NO” when there is a fire of “YES” within you! Of course, all of this begins with us as individuals, then with families, and finally with our employers. We must begin with taking care of our physical life, our soul, and our spiritual life. It all starts WITHIN us or, as Stephen Covey has said, “Anytime we think the problem is ‘OUT THERE,’ that very thought is the problem.” So, start getting some FEEDBACK (the breakfast of champions) from your husband or wife, and then from your employer, to see if you’re ON TRACK (for a promotion) because you focus on what’s necessary: more important. “While you LIVE, keep learning HOW to live.” Seneca

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