The Power Of Love

I have become more and more convinced recently that healing and miracles are a direct result of LOVE! Now, waht does one do with something like that? How does one LOVE that much, demonstrate love, etc.? I just sense it, feel it, and am out to prove it! No easy task, I know. But here’s what I think-see.

When it comes to MIRACLES, Jesus is looked upon from one of two paradigms. Jesus was one of a kind miracle worker becuase He was divine. He had the genes, the stuff that God had and the miracles were just proof of His divinity.

I don’t think so! :-(

I believe Jesus did miracles to show us what ANY MAN or WOMAN can do IF they relly open themselves up to the awesome omnipotence of God.

When one allows the creative, transforming power of God to flow through them because of the intimacy that they have- WOW!

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