Jesus is #The Man

I admire and look up to a lot of people. As has been said, “If you see a turtle on a fence post you know he didn’t get there by himself.” I have come as far as I have on the passion, perspiration, and performance of hundreds of men who lived both before me and concurrently with me. But, Jesus is “the man”.

I want to model Jesus as much as possible except I do like being married: I don’t know how the priests do it (maybe they don’t). Ah, I digress.

When I say Jesus is the MAN I mean that literally. Jesus came into the world just as you and I did. However, he opened himself up more fully than anyone I know to what it was God wanted. His relationship with the divine within was so intimate that Jesus called God-Creator-Consciousness “Abba Father”.

I don’t need a literal virgin birth to make Jesus special. Many do. Many of the early church fathers did. But, the interpretation of an UNNUANCED literalism can not only mislead one in spiritual development but as Sam Harris wrote, “If this earth ends up one day as an incinerated planet, it will be because of some words inscribed in the sacred scriptures of the ultra-literalists.”

Radical fundamentalists are a strange and scary lot. 🙂

In other words Armageddon isn’t a LITERAL prophetic word and nor is the four chapters found only in Luke or Matthew anything but metamorphic regarding a virgin birth. Jesus was not just any man, but a world-changing very special man: person.

All of us have that same potential, so let’s get started.

By: E.Fitzpatrick

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